Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beware of Bench!

We went to the housing office yesterday for information on, you know, housing. We got information on some areas we've been looking at, plus info on a few English-speaking real estate agents, so hopefully we'll be able to start house hunting pretty soon.

I mentioned before how much I love the drink vending machines (there are also cigarette machines, but I don't smoke, so I'm less enthralled with those) randomly on the street. Here's a photo of a typical series in a high-foot-traffic area. A few of them are even warm drinks, which is pretty neat. Soda, coffee, tea, coffee and milk, tea and milk, juice, energy drink, water...

A blurry example of the display case outside a restaurant showing the dishes served inside. I've heard that the restaurants that have these typically aren't top-shelf, but I haven't been disappointed with the food at any restaurant yet.

In an open-air mall, we found this awesome bench.

There are some cafeterias and a food court on base, which is all well and good, but I'm on an adventure here. The grocery store in town by the train station (big chain, they're all over) is called the Odakyu Ox, which I've taken to calling the Grocery Ox. This morning I went to pick up some munchies, tea, and whatever I can identify to have for lunch. I'd try more new things, but they eat a lot more pork here than I thought, so if I don't know what it is, it might be pig. If the Mew isn't with me for me to push it on him if that's what it ends up being, I don't necessarily want to take the chance. Once I can read the labels, this should change.

I heart the pre-packaged food section. It's all beautifully packaged, and I can eat sushi every day. It's okay for you to be jealous.

I also looked for some munchies, and decided to try this:

Inside the big bag are smaller snack packs:

I didn't really care for Tiny Crunchy Fish, but everything else was pretty good. One of the spherical things is a crispy rice-coated peanut, and one of the others might have had a raisin inside, I'm not sure. On the whole, I approve.

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