Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

Well, tomorrow is it. I have mixed feelings that swing back and forth between concentrating on what needs to be done today, excited about the adventure, and worrying about Crooked Head.

Crooked is missing. He didn't show up to our going-away party last Saturday evening, which is unlike him considering there was chicken on the grill and ladies milling about ready to pour on the affection. I don't blame our cat-sitting friends, he's a master of escape. Freaking cat. It's like being a mother to a teenager - he's out all night, never calls...not that I've ever been a mother to a teenager, I just assume that's part of it.

So if you're in or passing through Woodbridge, and you see him, let him know that he should phone home.

In other news, I've come to two conclusions about food. The first is that being vegetarian in Japan is probably going to be impossible. I could maybe do it if were were only there for a couple weeks of vacation, but it's doubtful I can avoid things that poop for years. So I'm slowly moving to pescatarianism.

There's a sushi restaurant near our hotel, Koi Koi, and they have excellent sake and a very sexy menu. By "sexy menu" I mean that it's laminated, black, and has four pages of full-color photos of their signature dishes, mostly sushi and rolls, all of which look amazing. So the other day we went there for dinner and I got a veggie roll and a California roll.

It's hard to balance my feelings of guilt with how tasty it was. It didn't sit really well in my stomach, but it could have been much worse and the Mew is very understanding.

My other conclusion is that if I'm going to eat critters, the least I can do is research what's out there and what kinds are most ecologically responsible and are killed as humanely as possible. Haven't gotten around to that part of it just yet, but hopefully the bit of crab in that California roll won't tip my karma too far.

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