Monday, June 7, 2010

Followup Tour: The Back Yard

Looking out through the living room door.

Approaching the back corner of the house...

And the full expanse of the yard in all its glory. Marvel at its breadth!

And as a bonus, some miscellaneous food and drink items:
Darn you, mysteriously rotating pictures!
Anyway, these are marshmallows with pineapple goo in the middle. This style of yum comes in several flavors, but so far I've only tried this one.

Again with the weird picture rotation. What's up, blogspot?
Pretz also come in a variety of flavors; all but the original are you-gotta-try-this good. The original are okay, it's just that all the flavors are way better. These, for example, appear to have been scientifically engineered to compliment beer. Next time I might try the edamame (soybean) flavor.

Yogurt-flavored gelatin-cube drink. It's not bad, really.

This is something I'd never heard of before. It's plum wine, complete with plums. The wine is kind of tangy, but palatable; the plums are mouth-puckeringly tart, but I think it's part of the whole experience.

Random hard candies. I can't quite put my finger on the's like raspberry, but not.
(Edit: it's lychee. Thanks, Elizabeth!)

Haven't tried this yet, but I'm kind of excited about it - it's a single serving of cherry sake.
(Edit: It has a nice flavor, but it's pretty watered down. Next time I'll go for the blueberry or honey apricot wine)


  1. Kim
    You have Lonely Planet beat for the interesting, daily living, damn wish I could be there information.
    Love the house. Love it, love it, love it as my friend would say. I am constantly fighting the urge to end every sentence to you ending in multiple exclamation points!!!!!
    Please don't ever get bored with this little blogging adventure of yours. You have created a true history that will be enjoyed for years. It is also especially wonderful because of the ability to share it with everyone that loves you!
    You know, you oughta make that Mew take a shot at writing once in a while. In addition to you, definitely not in place of you.

  2. Plum wine is the best :) They serve that bottled kind at the restaurant down the street from us. Not a fan of the fruit but the wine is pretty good.

  3. My problem with the wine with plums included is that because I ate some of the plums, all I associate with that bottle is the mouth-puckering tartness of the plums, and not that the wine was actually pretty good.