Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Are They Eating Now?

I was excited to find a mint plant kit at the hyakuiin (hundred yen store).

It even had picture instructions (reading left to right, of course).

Tiny, tiny seeds...
As of yet, it hasn't sprouted. But it hasn't been that long, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In other news, the husband has a Halloween Initiative - he's doing his part to encourage the Japanese to get into Halloween by, whenever he finds a store with Halloween items on display, he buys some. Obviously not every store every time, but one of his reliable visits is the pan-ya (bread store) he passes every day on his way home.

These are pretty scary looking, but the filling is sugary and delightful.


Also food related, we gave Domino's another chance. Again the delivery was as fast as promised. On the box was this advertisement:
Which I can only interpret as a poster for a horror event on October 29 in which mutant triple-clawed crabs emerge from your pizza to attack you.

The man pizza: pepperoni and pineapple on a stuffed crust pizza. Not stuffed crust like a ring of cheese around the outside, but more like the crust is a quesadilla.

The woman pizza: mushrooms and pineapple. Two of my favorite kabob ingredients with the added bonus of bread, cheese, and pizza sauce. I was very pleased.

Flier that showed up in our mailbox. I don't know what they are, although I suspect at least a few are pumpkin croquettes (yum!). Hooray for Halloween!

On the left, Halloween hi-chu, sort of like a hardcore Starburst (not to be confused with chu-hi, an alcoholic beverage sold in grocery and convenience stores). On the right, corn soup flavored puffed Dorito things. Corn soup has a very specific flavor here, it's like cream of corn with sweetener. You'd have to try it to understand, but it's very distinctive. These are sort of like Fritos mixed with a touch of Cool Ranch. Weird, but not bad.

Random muffin. Hopefully pumpkin flavored, but at time of writing, we haven't tried it yet.

Another angry Jack O'Lantern confection...this is, as far as I can tell, a (fairly dry) cookie sandwich with a sweetened pumpkin (or possibly acorn squash, that's super popular around here) filling.

Huzband got this because he wanted spicy noodles, but it might actually be vegetarian. And for the record, it has a little bit of a kick. Not pepper spray spicy, but enough that just a taste made my mouth warm.

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