Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My March 23 Morning Headline Mashup

Today's Humanitarian News:
The death toll has passed 9,000. (source: NHK World)

Today's Earthquake News:

I noticed three earthquakes before 8am today. Not big enough to break anything or to hide under furniture, but enough to wake up pretty quickly.

They were all centered up by northeastern Japan (seriously, they can't get a break), and these are the first quakes since Saturday to be measured at an upper 5 magnitude. (source: NHK World)

Today's Nuclear News:

Power has been restored to the No. 3 reactor control room and thermometers are working again. (source: NHK World)

High levels of radiation have been detected in the soil 40km from the plant and may pose long term problems but no immediate danger. (source: NHK World)

Radiation is being found in more foods produced in Fukushima, residents are being advised not to eat leafy greens grown there. (source: Kyodo News)

In classic American media-fueled panic, some military wives are refusing to buy spinach on bases in Japan even though the spinach in question has been imported from the US. (source: the grapevine)


  1. Forgive my glib comment, but at least those military wives won't grow strong like pop-eye, and if there's any more problems, they'll be too weak to help themselves because they were being silly.

  2. I keep thinking about that episode of Family Guy where the family was exposed to radioactive waste and developed superpowers, but when Mayor Adam West tried to do the same, he just got leukemia.