Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Okay, You Can Be Concerned Now

It's getting confusing about what's going on at the nuclear plants, but evidently TEPCO (the electricity provider that owns the plant) hasn't been as forthcoming with information and developments as journalists and people would like them to be.

One of the plants has been completely shut down (yay!). The other is causing some problems.

There was a fire, but it's been put out. There has been some radiation leakage from something, but the already-evacuated area (20km/12mi) is adequate. People living 20-30km away (12-18mi) are being told to stay indoors.

I still do not expect to need or want to flee the country, nor do I expect people or things to start growing tumors or glowing in the dark. The situation is bad and has the potential to get very bad, but it's not there yet.

One by one my Tokyo friends seem to be leaving town for a while; most are going elsewhere in Japan, one or two are leaving the country for their home countries. Some are staying put.

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  1. Kim- why take the chance? go on a little getaway outside of Japan before it gets worse and the airport is packed with people trying to get out.