Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guam: Buildings and Curiosities (Part 2 of 3)

If you're just tuning in, here's the link to Part 1.

Aside from the phenomenal view, weather, and diving, the buildings are worth noting. Guam is a place of stark contrast, with high-end shopping and hotels along the beach mixed in with abandoned buildings, massage parlors of assorted quality, and amazing restaurants.

Contrast in Buildings
This was near our hotel. I thought to myself, "What colorful and interesting architecture! I wonder what's down that corridor! Is it a hotel? A pool? Boutique stores? An outdoor cafe?"

Hooters. Mystery solved.

We didn't get a chance to go in, but this is the F.L. Moylan Company Guns, Ammo and Knives store in the same building as Moylan Party World.
The Moylans must have very interesting family reunions.

In this building, you can buy a new motorcycle (first floor) or bring your dog to the vet (second floor).

Some buildings just struck me as unusual.
I think Horse and Cow is a restaurant. Does it serve both horse and cow?

I realize this is technically the "Pure H2O and Mini Mart," but when one is driving by, only the largest letters stand out and it looks like "HO MART." Look at the picture from a distance, you'll see what I mean.

I assume this is a fishing supply store. (Disregard the sign in the middle of the picture, it's difficult to get good shots from a moving car.)

I have to admit I was curious to see what Chen's Furniture and Gift Center would have, but we didn't get a chance to stop there either.
This is clearly a happenin' place.

I also learned something new. I thought a latte was a delicious beverage made of steamed milk and espresso, but it turns out that it's also the pillars that the ancient Chamorro people used in house building. This image is a little less funny when you know what it's really referring to, but now you've learned your new thing for today.
Not a coffee shop.

Club G Spot next to Ball Scratchers.


Other Curiosities

Who do you call when you have too much trash? Mr. Rubbishman! This has to be the most sophisticated garbage man representation I've ever seen.

An ad in the elevator of our hotel:
Who DOESN'T want Tweety on their fingernails?

Near the rental car office at the airport:
Most magical ATM ever!

The beach happens to be called Gun Beach, but I prefer to think that it's a beach for guns.
Gun beach. No people allowed.

This tickled me, too. It's a series of small caves guarded by a Do Not Enter sign.

We made a U-turn when we saw this. Yes, that's a dog standing on a bovine. Just hanging out.
Later, we found out that the cow-thing is a carabao, a subspecies of water buffalo, and this one with the dogs is locally famous. Her name is Lucy, I don't know what the dogs' names are.

(Sound is unnecessary in this video)

Lucy and the dogs belong to a guy named John Santos, and I have no idea what they do all day, but they're around and everyone knows who they are.

Getting a Massage

People in Guam must be very relaxed! Some massage parlors are legitimate, quality spas. On the other hand, if you happen to be a male and you walk into one of the seedier places and ask how much a massage is, you might get your trousers grabbed. So I'm told.

One massage...

Two massages...

Three massages...


Five massages...

Six massages...
This one has a mop!

Seven massages...


 ...I couldn't decide if "Bob's Whispering Palms" was the name of a massage place or not.

I hope it's a diner.

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