Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project in the Works: Threadless Shirt Design

If you have a Threadless account or care to log in via Facebook, please vote for my shirt design, "BLT Nation"! At time of writing, it's up for two more days.

Where did that design come from?
On New Year's Eve, at that magical hour of 4am in which everything is funny, one of our friends mentioned that it's not unreasonable to, on first hearing, think that LGBT is a kind of sandwich. You know, like BLT.

Which leads to the question of what that movement would look like. What would the pride parade be like? Or the flag?

So the next day I designed a flag (below) and the rainbow that was accepted by Threadless (above).

Do I know how to waste my New Year's Day or what?

What is Threadless?
If you're not familiar with Threadless, it's a tee shirt printing company that accepts submissions that the forum community votes on. The ones that score the highest have the best chance of being chosen by the Threadless Powers That Be to be printed.

At time of writing, it's up for two more days.

Click here to vote!

Update: Voting is closed, and I feel like it did pretty well. Not sure what the odds are that it'll get printed, but if it does I'll definitely let you know.

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