Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't Let the Scrubs Fool You

This was my second experience as an extra. It was for a Japanese tabloid documentary/re-enactment show called Seikai Gyoten News (World's Shocking News). This particular story was about an American man with Kleinfelter Syndrome.

This show, like many Japanese shows, has a format of a panel of people in a studio that are watching the pre-recorded video clips that tell a story. The pink boxes in the upper left corner are the reactions of the panelists as they watch the story.

The show alternates between story segments and panel segments, but my Japanese still isn't good enough to follow along.

The story opens with a family in a yard, then the dad gets stung by a wasp.
Wasp-eye view. Delightfully campy!

He has an allergic reaction and gets rushed to the hospital, where I am in charge of taking his blood pressure!
I'm probably putting the cuff on backward. I'm a professional, but not a medical professional.

Today's panel includes an adorable beetle pixy (far right). She is wearing beetles on her earrings, necklace, hair clip, and one the size of a backpack.

The panel learns about wasps from a woman with a real (empty) wasp nest, some charts, and a plastic bug on a stick.

After he recovers from his allergic reaction, they run some tests.
I'm not doing this properly, either. Have I mentioned that I'm not a medical professional?
 As the story progresses, he becomes a woman. Something about the wasp venom messing with his chromosomes or activating his Kleinfelter Syndrome or something. Again, I don't know enough Japanese to really understand.

I was surprised that at the end there was an interview the actual family, but it was really interesting to see the people that actually lived it.

I make one more appearance as Second Woman Walking in Background before the scene comes into focus.
I'm practically a movie star now.

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