Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kuro Almost Understands Doors

Kuro has been settling in more every week. She regularly surprises me with how much she cooperates when I expect her to struggle and fight me, like when I'm clipping her claws. When I tucked her under an arm a couple months ago, she immediately panicked and went all bendy and I had to burrito her up in a towel to get it done. Last weekend, I tucked her under my arm and she let me lift her paws, squeeze her toes, and clip her claws. She wasn't thrilled, but it got done quickly and without stressing either of us out. It was a beautiful thing.

She's also getting better about doors. Like when she pawed at the seam in the sliding doors to try to get out of the living room...unfortunately for her, there was something of an oversight in her escape plan.

Bonus video: the meyawn. That's a meow plus a yawn, she tends to do that when she's happy (she mostly meows when she's happy or wants my attention) and when she has just gotten up from a nap.

Kuro is a 6-year-old spayed female, available for adoption through the Japan Cat Network. She is a little shy, but she is self-sufficient. I think she would be a great companion for a working professional or for a family. She doesn't need a lot of attention, but she appreciates it very much when she gets it. She meows a bit when she's happy, but for the most part she is very quiet.

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  1. My cat really was curious when I played your meyawn video!