Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baby Sushi

Hey, guys, here's a thing I did!

I went to a baby shower.
This was on the registry:
Green Sprouts Bib
Inspiration struck! So I also got these:

Sassy Bathtime Toys
Under the Nile cotton baby wipes

Along with some 5/8" dark green ribbon, some pink curled ribbon, and a gift box, it was all packaged up like this:

It's a baby sushi bento!

The nigiri-zushi (type of sushi: bed of rice, single strip of nori) was made by folding a cloth and tying the ribbon carefully around it and the toy, tied with a regular bow.

The maki (type of sushi: round, stuff in the middle surrounded by rice, nori all around the outside) was made by folding the cloth and pinning the ends together around the toy, then going nuts with wrapping the ribbon around the outside.

The ribbon probably could have been a little thicker, but it was hard to judge the bath toy size since the product description and reviews described them as "the perfect size for toddler hands." I was able to make a rough guess, but I'm not in the habit of using toddler hands as a unit of measurement. Don't take that as a complaint, mind you, it all turned out even better than I had hoped, I was just a little flabbergasted at the complete lack of numbered measurements and relieved that my guesses weren't way off.

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