Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kuro is a Happy Cat

I just realized how long it had been since I talked about Kuro.

We've made a lot of progress with her socialization. We haven't had much opportunity to see her with People that Aren't Us, but she orbits me like a satellite and is always happy for petting, lap sitting, or to bat at my fingertips.


She greets me at the door every time I come home.

Bedtime is her favorite time of day – around 9 or 10pm she'll start crouching on the bottom step to stare at us pointedly.

It's bedtime now, yes?
When we finally go upstairs and get ready for sleep, she'll attack our moving feet for a little while (I call her, in this moment, Crazy McPouncytoes), but then she curls up against my ankles and settles in for the night. All night, as far as I can tell.

She loves to play. That's not new, it's just adorable. He favorite toy is the end of my finger (she's very gentle), but this pipecleaner thing is a close second, from the looks of it.

She doesn't even bother to stand up when I clip her claws anymore, and she will let me pick her up for minutes at a time, purring and sniffing my face. Not her favorite activity, but I finally convinced her that it's not the end of the world to get a hug.

She and Crooked aren't buddies, but they have been known to share some space. Once in a while, they even groom each other a little.

She prefers head touching to come from the side instead of directly overhead, but she isn't flinching as much as she used to.

She used to have severe chin acne, but it's now almost completely gone.

She even figured out doors! Sort of. Often she still just stares at a gap between a slightly open door and the door frame, waiting for it to read her mind, or meowing at me to do it for her.

Can't you see I'd like to leave?
But sometimes...

She's also very photogenic.

Her favorite spot is on the upper shelf of my desk, above my computer monitor, directly under the heater. I can't blame her, sometimes I'd like to take a nap there myself.

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Kuro is a 7-year-old spayed female, available for adoption through the Japan Cat Network. She is a little shy, but she is self-sufficient. I think she would be a great companion for a working professional or for a family. She doesn't need a lot of attention, but she appreciates it very much when she gets it. She meows a bit when she's excited, but for the most part she is very quiet.

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