Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Halloween in Japan!

Halloween is on a Thursday this year, so all the good stuff happened the previous weekend.

Friday night was rainy, so turnout wasn't huge. But the people that were out made up for it!

Saturday was the big party night, especially in Roppongi. There was some trouble finding party-type events, so there's a good chance that some bureaucrat is cracking down on Halloween celebrations. But the way I see it, as long as there are both Halloween marketing campaigns and foreigners in Japan, you can't completely get rid of it. Besides, the best parts were walking from one place to another, even if we didn't stay in a bar or club for long. Unfortunately, this means that I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was either posing for them myself or they came out blurry because of motion and/or light.

But! I got some pictures of the Scorpion costume I made for a friend.

Of course the Colonel got mobbed every block or so for people to take pictures of and with him. This comes pretty close to capturing it. Thankfully we knew where the rest of our group was going, so they didn't need to wait for us.

Only once did he instigate a photo opportunity, but it was worth it.

Wendy's? I'm disappointed.
(I wish I'd had the video rolling to get their reaction, but I didn't have enough time.)

Sunday was the day of the giant parade in Kawasaki.

Here's a picture story of the day!

(Video of the paparazzi that gathered in less than a minute.)

And a video of the parade! (Clumsily edited and not professional by any means, but available in HD.) Don't feel like you have to watch all of it, it's almost 20 minutes long.

Not all the costumes were high effort affairs, but some of them are really impressive.

Happy Halloween!

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