Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's a thing! And I'm in it!

I'm in a motion comic! Here's a trailer that doesn't tell you much of anything!

What's a motion comic? It's a video made of a comic, moving from panel to panel with voice actors speaking the words. Kind of like those books that prompt you to turn the page when you hear the chime. (I loved those!)

Color Mail is pretty silly (ranging from fun to self-aware to painful), but I'm thrilled to have been a part of such a talented cast, and I would jump at the chance to do it again.

The plot follows Ai, who is thrown into the role of hero when all the color is suddenly sucked out of the world, her brother is kidnapped, all humans but her are turned to stone, and most of the animals have taken on human form.

Those last two are things you need to just accept, or you'll watch the whole thing with a question mark floating over your head. Same goes for the cleric/god/steward of color that has the power to possess people, but has no real body and is therefore powerless to stop the villain.

Here's an official synopsis!

Unfortunately, there is no free version. But if you're curious enough, it's on iTunes and Google Play for purchase or rent.

A prize to whomever can identify the five characters I have lines for! Two have names, three are in the background.

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