Sunday, September 21, 2014

Crow Rescue

On husband's way to work one morning, he saw a crow standing in the middle of the road. Just standing, like an idiot. When a bus drove right over it, somehow not killing it, he started to wonder if it was suicidal.

We wrapped it in a towel, carried it inside, and put it in our bathroom. I know you're supposed to put an injured bird in a cardboard box, but I didn't have any boxes big enough, so it was going to hang out in the shower next to the tub.

At first it was just a puddle of feathers on the floor - wings spread, feet curled, eyes glazed, beak wide and panting.

Husband went to work and we both did some furious internet research. It is just about impossible to find a wildlife rescue in Tokyo, even if there isn't a language barrier. But he found some good resources and I got into a conversation with a friend that has done some rescuing and she suggested I look for wounds.

When I opened the door to do just that, it had gathered its wits and flapped up to the cover over the tub (and pooped all over the place). When I took a step in, it flew around the room and landed on the windowsill, so apparently the wings weren't seriously broken. I managed to hold it in my hands to spread wings and and check feet, and then it decided I was cool and just sat on my hand blinking at me until I nudged it off.

Wings OK, Legs OK, no blood, not panicking...probably just stunned by a car. Time to go!

I let it go from our balcony, the only access to which is through the master bedroom.

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