Saturday, September 6, 2014

Night Aquarium

The Art Aquarium appears to be an annual exhibit/event, although we just heard about it this year.

It sounds like a pretty cool thing - during the day, it's an art exhibit displaying the beauty of aquariums and live fish in unusually shaped or arranged aquariums. At night, the lights are low and DJs transform the area into a more club-like atmosphere.

To be honest, I have some mixed feelings about it. It's a nice idea on paper (and in photos), but the first area guests are ushered into are filled small tanks of pleasing shapes, but lit with bright lights that the fish can't hide from. A handful had some alarmingly still fish lying on the bottom.

The main area was home to a handful of large tanks, and the fish didn't seem to be as blinded as they were in the entryway. Of course, being an interesting event in Tokyo on a Friday night, it was just as crowded as you would expect.

The music was too loud to hold a conversation (and my phone mic couldn't handle it, so I added a similar music to this video), but the colored lights on the fish and unusual tank shapes were interesting.

Around the edges of the globe display, embedded in the walls, were a series of tanks of different kinds of goldfish.

The crown jewel of the exhibit was this display, modeled after a traditional folding screen. I couldn't get close enough to be certain, but I think the tanks are horizontal and projected on a vertical screen. Additional projection animation and light color changes gave the impression of a slow cycle through the seasons.

Overall, I'm glad we went to see what it was all about, and maybe we would have stayed longer if we had gone with friends – outside the main exhibit area were a few bar kiosks selling very weak but novel drinks themed after fish, that would have been a decent place to hang out and chat.

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