Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween in Tokyo 2014

This Halloween was pretty epic. I got to take photos next to the robots my costume is modeled after (it looks like I'm posing for pictures on the outside, but on the inside I'm shrieking and flapping my hands and jumping up and down in glee), then won a costume contest with a HUGE prize bag, and even though not everyone understood what I was, one guy literally fell down when he got it. That was very satisfying.

Also in the spirit of doing Japan-specific costumes, Husband went most nights as a namazu, the catfish that causes earthquakes (and Colonel Sanders on Halloween night).

Reference photos from here.
And yes, he is drinking beer through a straw. It's the namazu way.

I won the costume contest at the Halloween party sponsored by Metropolis Magazine, which was pretty thrilling (video here, but I've already spoiled the ending).

This photo about sums up our night.
From Metropolis' Facebook page.
I can't believe how big the prize bag was! Champagne, rum, beer glasses, fancy knives, nail polish, a tee shirt, and vouchers for a night at a really nice hotel, a gym training session, a kickboxing lesson, a spa facial, dinner for two, pizza, and a golf lesson. I might be forgetting something.

And a balloon that says "1st Place"!
Husband and I even show up in a few videos.

Like this one, 30-second recap of an international party...

...this video about the Metropolis Glitterball...

...this video by the same guy about Halloween in general...

...and this one that I found more or less by accident (the best moment is at 8:05 when the guy videotaping realizes Husband is Colonel Sanders and nearly loses his mind).

All in all, I consider this year's Halloween to be a success.

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