Wednesday, August 12, 2015


There's an axolotl store in Chiba. It's called Uparupaya, and it's small and adorable. And he let me take pictures!

So, for all your water monster needs, if you find yourself in Chiba, I recommend this place.

This guy. He's just chillin' on his leaf, watching the store.

A few tanks were in need of water changing, but for the most part the animals seemed to be well cared for. They're amphibians, so they don't need much of anything besides clean water and food, but I've seen pet stores that can't even manage that much.

Bonus: toads! They could probably use a little more space, but how much to they move around?

So small!
I'm disappointed this came out blurry, because it's decorated like a tween girl's bedroom.

This is the first time I've seen 'lotls that have made the transition to land-based salamanders. Some are genetically predisposed to it, others will make the change if their environment gets too toxic, which is pretty amazing.

The gills make them cuter, but they're still fascinating creatures.

The blue light is kind of painful in photos, sorry about that.

All the tiny monsters!


Of course I had to get one.

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