Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Japan = Dessert

This Big Island dry cleaner is FULL OF WIN. Or so I gather from the sign.

Last weekend when we were at the tourist market in Asakusa, we got some hashi. We feel very stylish. Plus we cut down on the amount of disposable chopsticks we throw away at restaurants.

If there is one thing the Japanese can do, it's dessert.

This is from a random pastry shop we pass every time we go to or from the local train station. Not a big train station, either. This small pastry shop is a fairly common type of business and not a boutique, the Japanese as a whole are just huge on presentation. And boy, do they know their sweets.

We did not ask for gift wrapping, this is just how it was given to us.

I picked out the fruit things, the Mew chose the custard-filled pastries.

Under the fruit is raspberry mousse. What I didn't get a photo of is what's under the raspberry mousse - chocolate mousse. *drool*

Last night we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. My soup broth was chicken stock, but thanks to the ubiquitous Royal Milk Tea, my stomach was settled by the time we got back to the hotel. Maybe when I can read, I can order soups that won't wreak so much havoc on my system.

Anyway, dessert was awesome as usual. The Mew had ocha cheesecake. Ocha literally means "green tea" and often comes in this distinctive green powder, which can be mixed with hot water, ice cream, or (apparently) cheesecake. It wasn't bad at all.

But my dessert was better. Plain or slightly vanilla-flavored custard (they love the custard over here) topped with corn flakes (sounds weird, but was really good), topped with chocolate ice cream, thick whipped cream, chocolate syrup, mint leaves, and chocolate chip cookies.

We eat way too much dessert, I know. But I do all right with breakfast and lunch, and dinner is Exploring/Point-Ordering/Take-Your-Chances time, so some slack must be cut for poor dietary choices. It'll get better when we find a place to live and can start cooking at home, too.

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