Monday, June 21, 2010

Kochirawa Midori Tori Desu.

Our friend and his wife have two vans, Big Bird and Little Bird.
We have what can be described as a green Little Bird.
"Green Bird," literally translated, is Midori Tori.

This is Midori Tori.
There are some aspects of Midori Tori that are...not the same as cars I'm accustomed to seeing. For instance - no hood! Our knees are right up against the front of the vehicle, legs cranked to a slightly-less-than-90-degree angle, which adds to the feeling that it's a little beep-beep toy.

The steering column sits between the driver's feet. (Edit: also note that the driver's side is on the right, not the left)

This is where the battery is:

Now, think about how cool this is in the following situation: it's raining like it's Monsoon Season, and the car won't start because the battery is temperamental. The new battery is in the back seat, but hasn't been installed yet. What do our heroes do? Flip the seat back, attach the jumper cables to the not-yet-installed battery in the back seat, and jumpstart the engine without ever leaving the car. Voila!

This is where the engine lives:

This is where to insert fuel - on the passenger side, right behind the front tire.

I'm a big fan of the folding seats and the ridiculous amount of cargo room we have.

Extra storage space is a bonus...I think that's a reflective triangle, but we could fit a dozen more in there.

Midori Tori is no speed demon, but the average speed limit around here is about 50kmh (31mph) so it doesn't need to be.

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