Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eat, Drink, Awkwardly Translate, and Be Merry!

My favorite construction site mural. Not that I've seen many, but I'll be hard pressed to find one I like better.

Can you guess what flavor this is?

Mmm, strawberry wine.

Pucca is fish-shaped chocolate cookies filled with vanilla goo. I approve of such things.

I also approve of strawberry-goo-filled marshmallows.

These are Futogiri Potato snacks, and I think the packaging states that they are awesome because they are rings and you can put them on your fingers. Also a cartoon smiling hand throwing the ASL sign for "I love you." But I don't think they did that on purpose.

Flavored Pretz are amazingly good.

I'm not sure what this says, but everybody seems happy about it.

I believe this is a restaurant that serves beef. Perhaps steak.
"It is the soft and juicy handmade hamburg Steak
which shut up the taste of beef.
Since you place an order,
it is the hamburg Steak of the boast roasted carefully.
The dish which put and made the heart
-- the time of one [ pleasant at Vicky's ] -- pleasing."

Do you think they sell hot dogs and beer here? (Asahi is one of the big beer companies. Good beer, too, by my standards.)

Tastes just like New York. Special prepared.

I know I've posted this recently, but it fits here, too.

Hello Kitty's tour bus!

I don't know what a Sound Gym is. Maybe a recording studio? That doesn't explain the sunfish.

Immigrant Coma incense, new Kyoto scent!

This one is one of my favorites.
On the left:
"Strong adsorption power by the small many suckers made of special resin!"

On the right:
• Useful as a holder of soap or accessories!
• Useful to fix a shampoo rack etc!
• Adsorption is possible when it is a loose curved surface!
• It can remove easily when it is made to turn over!
• Useful for various usage according to an idea!

On the back, at the end of the list of cautions:
• Do not use for any other purposes.

Then on the back, I found one more note about the kinds of surfaces this will adhere best to:

The surface for which is attached:
The surface without unevenness, such as a tile, stainless steel, and a plastic

...The surface which is not attached:
The surface with a tree, unevenness and a pattern, and a crack

It's pretty reasonable, really, but I enjoy the mental image of some poor sap trying desperately to stick this thing to a tree.

No smorking!

We might have eaten here if the line hadn't been so long...I guess freeing your mind to the place over the 'Wall' is popular.

This was seen on a military base. Note the chunky, square shape of the fire-engine red truck under that chrome-colored pegasus with red plastic wings and Hello Kitty sunshade. I'm intensely curious to know who drives this.

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