Monday, August 30, 2010

Tokyo Dome City and the Imperial Palace

I'd been to Tokyo Dome City once before, but it was to meet up with some people before we went to see a boxing match (a friend of a friend was fighting - knocked his opponent out in the second round, too). We didn't have time that day for me to ride the roller coaster...and I kind of make it a point to sample all available coasters.

So we made a day of it. Tokyo Dome City, appropriately the area around Tokyo Dome, is a combination open-air mall plaza and theme park.

There's some sort of colored pencil theme, but I can't quite figure out why.

Along the way, we passed the Baseball Hall of Fame.

It's the thing To Do, you know.

In line for the coaster
My favorite part of the instructional video is the one that tells you to correct your posture and relax.

Here is where the coaster goes through a building.

Overall, it's an excellent ride. It's not jarring, it's surprisingly comfortable, it has good mix of hills, loops, and corkscrews...I'd do it again.

We didn't go on this Ferris wheel, but it must be very good.

This has to be the single most lame ride in this park: it's a pedal car on a track. That's not a ride, that's exercise.

An example of the plastic food displays I love so much can be a lifesaver when there are no pictures on the menu and you have no idea what the dish you want is called.

Me and a maneki neko in front of a conbini (convenience store).

Next up, the Imperial Palace.

You don't have to go home...

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