Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Same But Different: Domino's Pizza, the Followup

We thought we'd give Domino's a shot.

We went to the website ( and selected toppings (half meaty, half veggie) the size, and the crust type. Then we printed out the page because we can't read enough to complete an online order.

So with flier and printout in hand, we drove to the nearest Domino's location.

Once we got there, we discovered that you can't actually place an order in person. It's just where they make pizza and where they keep their fleet of scooters.

To add insult to injury, that is when I realized that I had completely overlooked this graphic on the page I had printed out:

We drive back home and went to the English site: (If you're curious, go to the link and look for "menu" at the top). We ended up going with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal. One "Garlic Master" and one "Brooklyn Pizza." And some happy fries to go with it. The site said delivery would be in 30 minutes, and they made it in 25, and it was kept warm by the heated box on the back of the scooter. Can't complain about that!

Happy fries!

The pizzas weren't really spectacular, to be honest. They were pretty greasy. And I smelled like garlic all night and into the next day, but that's my own fault for eating sliced garlic cloves as a pizza topping.

Like I said, we weren't blown away by the quality of the pizza, but it might be worth giving it another chance in a few weeks. With different toppings...there's a grilled veggie that might be good, or a seafood topping with basil sauce that might be interesting.

And I am amused by the names of some of the side dish options. If I'm amused enough, I can be lenient in my judgment.

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