Friday, September 24, 2010

The Same But Different: Domino's Pizza

This ended up in our mailbox. It's junk mail, but I thought it was really interesting. Click any of the images the larger version. Unfortunately, I can't find an option on my scanner to remove the appearance of all the printing looks smooth to the eye, but it's not as pretty in the scan. You'll have to take some of this on faith.


Nothing that looks like any toppings I've seen before. Top left looks like chicken, mushroom, and chivey things; top right looks like shrimp cocktail and broccoli; bottom right might be beef with Japanese mayonnaise and chivey things again (which is probably way more delicious than it sounds); and the bottom right might be ham, pineapple, and something green that doesn't appear to be either broccoli or avocado.

Inside left:
You can get FOUR different kinds of pizza toppings on the same pizza! And we thought we were being adventurous with our splitting pizzas in half. And at the bottom they offer a hot sub called "Too Much Meat." Does Domino's in the States offer subs and pasta now, or is it just here?

Inside right:
Wow. Just. Wow. A lot of these look really, really good. If you only click one image to see the bigger version, make it this one. The pizza topping array is astonishing, I've never seen this kind of variety out in town. The sides look pretty interesting, and the desserts look pretty good.


It looks like I might be able to order a pizza online.
I might have to do that.

I can't speak or understand well enough for a phone order, but I might be able to successfully muddle through a website.

For the record, it's totally worth going to the site just to see the video commercial on the home page. It's no work of cinematic genius, but it's amusing. My favorite part is when the Domino's girls barge into this family's home and set up the pizza in a boxing ring on the table and when the bell rings, she yells "FIGHT!" at the dad.

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  1. Japanized pizza toppings.. Looks good. BTW, MarCom finally moved and this is the first week in the new office. Take care