Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Day of Kim Being Out and About

I had an eye appointment first thing in the morning and figured I'd run some errands and do some Christmas shopping on my way back home.

First stop: Hard-Off.
(Off-House is really the floor I wanted, but the other one is so much more entertaining to say.)

While I was waiting for the store to open, I went to 7-11 for breakfast nibblies (yes, they have those here, and their pre-made food options are pretty impressive). I could have gone for something more Japanese, but I opted for a tamago sando (egg sandwich), a medium-to-hard boiled egg sliced on sandwich bread, and what I'm pretty sure was a blueberry yogurt smoothie. There wasn't a good place to sit down, so I walked to a park/playground area to sit on a bench. At the entrance was this:

Next stop worth mentioning: Don Quixote! Or, as I affectionately call it, Crazy Stuff Store. It's a many-storied building of sensory overload and narrow aisles, but they have some fun and/or quirky stuff. Like a row of vending machines. Including this one:
Those are dog wigs. DOG. WIGS.
Because tiny dogs want to feel pretty too...I guess.
I showed this picture to the Other and he asked why I didn't get one. Guess what went on my To Do list?
Poor cats...

Oh, and then I saw this:
I really don't know what to say about it.

Oh, and this was really exciting for me. This is my favorite wine (primary ingredients are fruit, sugar, alcohol, and happiness...at least, that's probably what the label would say if I could read it), and so far I've only tried the Chinese Hawthorne, Lychee, and Honey Apricot...now I find out there are three more flavors - Lemon, Green Apple, and Blueberry. Color me pleased.

That's all for now. In case I have nothing of value to say between now and then, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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