Monday, December 6, 2010

A Food Entry: I Know You're Surprised!

First order of business that has absolutely nothing to do with food: Aria, Ghost of Christmas Present.
Okay, enough of that.

Now, foods!
In our neighborhood is a small izakaya, and we don't overlap language skills by very many useful words with the elderly couple that runs the place, but they've been good to us. Not only do they take our attempts at communicating with good grace, but the small appetizer is always a surprise, and once in a while before we leave they give us a taste of something random. The most notable one was the skewer of squid beaks. Well, that little group of muscle around the beak was the point, you take the beak part out because it's super pointy and inedible...but it was a really bizarre thing to be eating.

I digress. One time I did have my camera with me, so I could photograph what we ate. This was the appetizer. It might be soy sauce flavored gelatin with fish flakes, but I can't say that with any sort of real confidence. It might also be seaweed gelatin with radish flakes. Mild flavor, a little odd, but overall pretty good. Interesting to eat, at the very least.

We always get sake onigiri (rice ball wrapped in seaweed with salmon at the center - it's spelled in English like sake the drink, but the kanji are different) because we can't read most of the menu to find out what else they have (that and the salmon is always fresh and it's pretty good). Unfortunately, this evening, I completely forgot to get a picture of said onigiri. Shame on me.

However, I did remember to get a picture of the other thing we sometimes order (the only thing on the menu I can actually read), tomato onion salad. The onion is mild, the tomato is sliced paper-thin, and there is a light dressing on top that makes it superb.

Another Domino's adventure! We had a friend over for pizza and Rock Band, so we got two different pizzas. One was a more or less American standard, pepperoni and jalepeƱos.

The other was more adventurous. There were two different types of seafood pizzas available, so we got half with regular sauce, and half with a white sauce. Honestly, this was pretty good. If you think about it, if it were on pasta instead of pizza crust, it's a not-strange Italian dinner. And with an Italian dinner, you can often get cheesy bread. So it's not really that weird. A little unusual, sure, but it's no squid beak skewer.

Random candy I got at the store because I had to try it. And because the brand is "Meltykiss."

You can taste both the green tea and the chocolate...I'd get this again.

We recently took a trip to Costco, where they have surprisingly good produce. The husband went a little nuts and got large boxes of kiwi and pomegranate, so to keep them from going bad before we could get to them, we had fruit salad a couple nights. This is what a fruit salad should be like: kiwi, banana, mikan (Japanese tangerine), and pomegranate.
It's okay to be jealous, I'm a little jealous of myself for this.

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