Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures in Writing: The Most Depressing Luchador

I'm helping a friend write short stories. The author has the ideas and puts them in a document, then I go through and eviscerate the spelling, grammar, and punctuation and make suggestions for better wording. We debate, we collaborate. It's oodles of fun.

In a story about a luchador, the mysterious masked hero saves the damsel in distress and walks her home. She spends the next several months trying to find out who he is, falling in love with him in the process.

The author wanted him to do all the talking because she was still in shock from being mugged. The original phrasing was something like, "As they walked to her apartment, he talked about how much he loves this city, how much he loves his country, and how sad the problems of today are."

Here's my two cents: if you list three things that he talks about, the last one shouldn't be how much the world sucks! And if that's the case, why would she ever want to see him again? That's DEPRESSING.

The luchador will save your life, but you will NEVER SMILE AGAIN.

By the time we finished discussing the luchador's terrible smile-stealing superpower, we were literally crying with laughter.

Fun fact: I also did the cover art photography and editing. It's not a perfect product (the photo is a little grainy because of my point-and-shoot camera and I didn't take the time to 'shop out the stripes on the shirt that show through the jacket), but I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

The short story is an erotic romance eBook, available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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