Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Will be Done

Do you have a will? You should. Every adult should. Parents definitely should (if you don't have one and you die, the state will decide who raises your kids). But it's uncomfortable to think about, so many of us just don't get around to it. I didn't until the big earthquake. Then, when so many military families were making that exodus from Japan, we were instructed to file a will and have our paperwork in order.

This is not to say you can't have a little fun with it. Here is an excerpt from my husband's will:

SECOND: It is my desire that, upon my death, my body be cremated and my ashes launched into space. Regardless of the feasibility of launching my ashes into space, I permit my wife to preserve my skull as she sees fit. If a space launch is not feasible, I grant my executor the option to preserve my body by means of taxidermy in a

Choice 1: ashes shot into space. Choice 2: bear attack pose. Choice 3: Arlington National Cemetery.

This begs the question: if I took the taxidermy option, where would I put him? Would it be better to put him in a storage shed (because, let's face it, that would be darned creepy), or in the living room to deter burglars?

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