Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shiritori Store is Online!

It's been a longer and more complicated process than I expected, but our tee shirt site is live and open for business!

Just a quick explanation of the premise – there's a popular word game here in Japan called Shiritori. It's usually played with a group of people and you go around the room listing words. The challenge is that the last character in a word has to be the first character in the next word.

I essentially smooshed two words together that share a character (with one or two exceptions) and drew a picture of it.

Risu (squirrel) + sumo (wrestler) = risumo, a squirrel sumo wrestler.

Ika (squid) + karaoke (singing along into a mic in front of your friends) = ikaraoke, a singing squid

You get the idea.

We decided on a print-on-demand tee shirt company (Spreadshirt) and set up an online storefront.

And we got business cards made, just like a real company! And sticker sheets! I'm so excited about giving out these sticker sheets I should probably be embarrassed.

I really hope it results in some sales, we definitely
made a bit of an investment in getting them printed.

The site is live and functioning, but you may notice there's a little too much me on the home page.

Shiritori home page

It's because, at time of writing, we only have one physical shirt. This was a more amusing solution than using the stock photos provided by the POD company and Photoshopping all the designs in.

That said, we have ordered an assortment of shirts and drafted some friends to model for us. Soon we'll be another step closer to looking like a legit tee shirt site!

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