Saturday, June 7, 2014

Genki Sushi, the SUSHI OF THE FUTURE

I might be the last person in Tokyo to discover this Genki Sushi, but it's totally futuristic.

The menu is in a pretty obvious place, on the wall directly in front of you, but that's not the best part.

When you are seated by the staff, they give you a miniature clipboard with a bar code and the number of your booth space, and you have your own tablet with multiple language options that allows you to order by touchscreen.

That's cool too, but the best part is how the sushi gets to you.

While I was eating, my tablet challenged me to a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

I can't remember which one I chose, but it didn't win.

When you're ready to leave, you hit the "check out" button on the tablet, it files your total away with the number of your station, and you bring the miniature clipboard to the front where they scan it and take your money.

The Shibuya location is slightly more expensive than the average kaiten-zushi (sushi-go-round) at about ¥120 a plate for most things and a bit more for the fancier options, but the novelty of the experience is completely worth it, and it's likely other sushi restaurants in the area also have slightly elevated prices as well.

And for no good reason, here's a random creepy photo from a hot dog store a few blocks away.

You're welcome.

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